Lustrum Beck Flood Alleviation Scheme received a highly commended award from the President of the ICE, Professor Tim Broyd at the ICE North East Annual Dinner.

The Robert Stephenson Award recognises engineering excellence in the North East Infrastructure projects.  Lustrum Beck was entered into the medium category for projects valued between £0.5m and £4m.   

Flooding In 2012 devastated 150 homes, major infrastructure and businesses in Lustrum Beck.  The Environment Agency led a full appraisal of flood risks, concluding that 5 elements of work needed to be undertaken namely:

  • Primrose Hill Screen
  • Londonderry Bridge – bridge replacement
  • Newtown and Bedford Street Defences
  • Bishopton Road Wall
  • Wrensfield Road SUDS

AMCO were engaged to undertake works on the Primrose Hill Screen.  Debris on the old screen could build up thus reducing the culvert capacity.  AMCO working alongside the Environment Agency designed and installed a bespoke lifting security screen which allows efficient removal of accumulated debris.  This type of screen is used in penstock technology meaning the risk of failure is greatly reduced and thus the threat of flooding is also diminished.

AMCO are proud to have played a part in this multi-focused team.