Promoting a culture of collaboration and corporate social responsibility, AmcoGiffen are proud to be playing a significant part in the redevelopment and economic stimulus of Sighthill in Glasgow.

Our team are finalising and making ready for handover the installation of a new 27m span skewed concrete bridge across the newly electrified Edinburgh to Glasgow Line - one of Scotland’s busiest rail routes. This follows on from our sister company VHE Construction plc, who delivered the earlier phase of soil remediation throughout the area.

Liaising with Network Rail and Glasgow City Council to deliver an important pedestrian, cycle and road-bridge between Sighthill Transformational Regeneration area and areas to the north, we worked hard to go the extra mile.

This was further demonstrated through our support of the Council’s commitment to local pre-school, Sighthill nursery. Along with our colleagues in Network Rail, we handed over a donation that will allow the nursery to enrich the learning experience of the pupils and enhance the facilities available to the staff.

Working with all stakeholders to protect the future of tomorrow’s generation, we are proud to support and give something back to the communities that we interact with daily.