Project Details

The existing bridge was a four span masonry arch type overbridge with a compacted hardcore layer overlaid with cobbles, to create the road surface. 

As part of the North West Electrification programme the DFT has made a commitment to improve journeys between several key towns and cities in the North West of England.  As part of this commitment the route between Manchester and Preston, via Bolton is to be electrified.

The GRIP Stage 3 options study identified that reconstruction of the bridge was the most appropriate solution to provide the required clearances.

The existing bridge carried a public footpath and occupation road access from Ladybridge Lane to the south side of the Middlebrook watercourse.  The scheme involved removal of the 2 no. existing railway spans and replacement with a new single span steel footbridge supported on the existing abutments. The main scope of works included:

  • Removal of existing overbridge superstructure.
  • Fabrication and installation of new pre cast cill units
  • Fabrication and installation of new steel superstructure.
  • General refurbishment of the existing abutments.
  • Re-build of approach parapets and approach surfacing