Project Details

The Northern Area encompasses the North West and the Yorkshire & North East operating regions of the Agency.

The Yorkshire & North East Region stretches from Chesterfield up to the Scottish border, taking in a diverse range of urban and rural environments. It includes large cities such as Leeds, Durham & Sheffield and the ports of Hull, Newcastle, Sunderland & Teesside. Some of England’s major rivers flow through the region, including the Tyne, Tees, Ouse, Aire and Don.

The North West Region covers around 14,000 square km, from Cheshire in the south to its northern border with Scotland. Around seven million people live in the region, most in the urban areas of Merseyside and Greater Manchester. Agriculture covers 80% of the region, and important habitat and wildlife areas include nearly 400 Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

The exclusive framework covers over 600 flood control and water management sites throughout the region. The non-structural assets include:

  • pumps
  • penstocks
  • sluices
  • barriers and gates
  • HV & LV switchgear and transformers
  • C&I equipment

AMCO commenced the first term of the framework in April 2004; in 2009 the appointment was extended for a further five years. In 2014 AMCO succesfully rebid the framework for a third term; the exclusive arrangement is due to expire in 2018.

The framework work scope comprises three integrated categories; these are:

  • mechanical & electrical planned and reactive maintenance
  • PLC, SCADA and HMI support
  • asset refurbishment and replacement

Benchmarking is used to measure performance in all areas of the framework.