Project Details

Deucheran Hill is located in Argyle and Bute. The wind farm can generate enough power to supply nearly 9000 households, displacing 17798 tonnes of carbon dioxide, 145 tonnes of sulphur dioxide and 48 tonnes of oxides of nitrogen each year.

AMCO are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the complete wind farm, which consists of nine Vestas V60 1.75 MW wind turbines and 11kV grid connection.

The O&M scope includes for all scheduled, non-scheduled maintenance, 6 monthly minor & major services, inspection and repair of the WTG’s.

We also provide engineering expertise to support turbine failure investigations, operating risk management and develop work procedures and safety documents for standard and complex repairs and modifications.

The contract also includes the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Provide a 24 x 7 call out service to maximise turbine availability.
  • Routine condition monitoring analysis.
  • Analysis of gearbox and hydraulic oils.
  • Provide an approved system, for review and update of operating and maintenance manuals, and maintain all documentation (including diagrams) relating to the wind farm.
  • Provision of specialist equipment for site access, which may be required during the replacement of major components, for example gearboxes and generators.
  • Provide waste transfer of hazardous and non-hazardous materials from site using approved carriers.